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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 3, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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missouri. it's game time, everybody on board. let not your truck, heart be troubled, laura is next. than ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here is a question nobody asks, why are democrats so angry? just days from now the democratic party is likely to retake the house of representatives, and with it, meaningful political power. nearly every poll predicts that will happen. we will see. but democrats ought to be cheerful and confident. instead they look like this. >> you are supporting nazis. >> don't pour your coffee on me. >> i will. do you understand that fascism is here? i hope you all realize that you
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are normalizing and enabling nazis. you can fill me, i don't give a [bleep]. do you really care? do you? [bleep] [bleep] >> tucker: the video you just saw was florida, but it could've been been anywhere else democrats occupy. fing nazis, that is the democratic slogan. the real enemy is america's middle class, which they consider disgusting and immoral. watch the next point. >> you have racism and sexism driving this voting base and we have to call that out and address that. >> america great again, make america white again. >> i think this is a big racist part of this country. >> he does have to take some
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responsibility for the type of racist climate we find ourselves him, which is not new. do you hear me say this all the time, this is the dna of americ. >> tucker: it's the dna of america. the country that vanquished the nazis is itself a nazi country. is this going to help get out the vote on tuesday? it seems hard to believe that would be an effective campaign tactic. they are saying it because they really mean it. the left is so angry they cannot even reason. think back a couple years ago of all the public figures he wants thought of as impressive. you might have not agreed with their politics, but there was no question there were serious people. james clapper, bill kristol. where are those people today? we are foaming and ranting on twitter like drunk children. how about john brennan? not so long ago, he ran the cia. that's a serious job. here's what john brennan sounds like now.
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>> he is feeding and fueling hatred and animosity and misunderstandings among americans. >> i use the term that this is nothing short of treasonous because it is up a trail of the nation. he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. treasonous is defined as a betrayal of trust as well as aiding and abetting the enemy. that's the word that came to my mind. >> tucker: treason. aiding and abetting the enemy. people didn't used to say things like that in public, not for a long time. now it's just another midday panel on msnbc. meanwhile, the rest of us are far less afraid to say what we think then we were just a few years ago. our culture grows less open and more stifled. we must abandon politically unpopular research. ordinary people fear that they snatch from the sensitivity department down the hall will catch us in the smallest violation of the liberal catechism and we will be fired and humiliated.
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the left is clamping down with maximum force on dissent. they demand nothing less than total obedience to their ever-expanding programs, whose outline changes and are confusing peer to step out of line, though, and they will hur. why is the left doing this? because they are losing and they know it. take a step back for a minute. his humorless political correctness the hallmark of self-confidence? no, it's just the opposite. armies don't behave like this, crumbling regimes do. this is how you act when you fill your power slipping away. democrats will likely we make the election on tuesday, they may would make the next election, too. ultimately, doesn't really matter because their program is over. it doesn't work. voters are rejecting their ideas, and they are doing it around the world. in country after country, globalism and cultural liberalism are dying. if you watch cnn, you might conclude that america is somehow an international pariah for having a president who calls himself a nationalist.
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but if anything, trump is just one among many. how many major democracies still have government even close to as liberal as the american democratic party? almost none of them. it's all moving in the opposite direction, and it's moving at high speed. voters everywhere want their leaders to care about and protect them. the globalist left can never deliver on that because they cannot acknowledge that the concerns of one country might outweigh those of any other country. it would be as if there parents loved the neighbors kids as much as they love to you, maybe more. you would hate that. voters hate that. that's why as long as democracy is allowed, the globalist left is doomed. progressives know that. if they can smell it, and it terrifies them, so they cracked down on the population. yet, that will not work. you can't bully and haranguing your own people forever. there is a limit, and we are reaching that limit. keep this in mind as you watch the election returns on tuesday night, what we are seeing is not the ascendance of the modern democratic platform, but it's death throes.
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chris hahn is a progressive radio host, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: i don't know what is going to happen on tuesday, it looks like democrats might win. i wonder what you make of what is happening in the rest of the world, all around the world, in almost every major democracy. left-wing globalism is being rejected, sometimes severely. this happened in brazil, the philippines, the u.k., in italy, it's happening everywhere. what he think that is happening because mike is at the racism of voters? is there another reason was marked seriously. >> i think there is a contracting middle class around the world and i think that is leading to unrest. if we are not careful, that can happen here. i think the middle class has been shrinking for many, many years, and i think they see the opportunities for their children dwindling and when that happens, you see them turn to extreme right wing philosophies that blame others, which is what this president is trying to do every day by embracing "nationalism,," it
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blames the stagnant economy. it is very important that we address the concerns of the middle class, we expand our economy and we are inclusive. i agreed with you in the monologue. >> tucker: go ahead. >> i agreed with you on the political correctness argument. i think people on the left have to get away from that. i don't believe in offending people, but i think if there needs to be -- there needs to be some latitude for comedians, journalists, artists to express themselves. >> tucker: how about normal people who may wear the wrong halloween costume or say the wrong thing at a christmas party, or call it a christmas party? why does the left feel the need to punish them? i'm serious. we both agree that's bad, but why is it happening? you're so confident -- you don't act that way. brittle people act that way, right? it's because there needs to be a distinction between people who o offend and people who stumble io something that maybe offensive and be corrected and then move on from their lives. >> tucker: what if they don't
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want to be corrected? what if they have different views from you. why do you feel the need to destroy them? i'm serious. because if you really believe that your program is right, you convince other people. you don't get them fired, which is what the left is doing on a large scale across the country. >> you know, i think convincing people that they may have a racist or sexist or offensive view is different from people who might say something that might be offensive to some people. you're never going to convince a racist or a sexist not to be a racist or a sexist, and those who do need to be banished and punished for it. >> tucker: but hold on -- >> that something you could correct and move on. >> tucker: thank you for pulling off the mask and letting us see the authoritarians underneath. who gets to decide what those terms mean? >> you're projecting! >> tucker: i'm not projecting. i don't believe in punishing people because they disagree with you. i don't believe in calling them names and writing them off. >> i don't, either! >> tucker: you just said. you can't consist my convince
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certain categories of people who i deem sexist or racist, you just have to oppress them. i believe each person is a citizen and capable of reason and can be persuaded. so when did we give up on that? when did we say, i don't agree with you, i have to hurt you now. that is the position of the american left. and people don't like that, by the way. are you aware of how little people like that? >> look, i believe you have to get everyone to come around at the idea that all men and women are created equal in this country and should be treated with dignity and respect. when there are people who are not willing to treat people with dignity and respect, they need to be dealt with in society because this is not what we have in a welcoming and open society, people who are actively trying to hurt people based on their race,, religion, gender, or identity. >> tucker: slow down. i make the argument almost everything all night on this show for a society that judges people on the basis of how they behave and not on their inane characteristics, like their rac
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race, or gender. we are not going to make headway on that, so let me ask you a deeper question which is this, can an elected democrat look into the camera and say "i side with american citizens over everyone else." american citizens are more important than the concerns of any other citizens around the world and when their interests conflict with other citizens, i'm taking america's side. i don't think they can say that. >> i think they can. i don't think they have to use the word "nationalism," which now has a negative connotation. >> tucker: not in my mind it doesn't appear to speak out this guy is trying to make nationalism a thing and white nationalists know what he means when he says "nationalism," and that's all that really matters in america. >> tucker: that's not what matters in america. please stop with the stupid talking points. i'm an adult, treat me as one. >> it's a true i always do.
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>> tucker: i want you to speak slowly so i can understand, what's wrong with the idea you would put your country before other countries? you put your kids before your neighbor's kids. why is nationalism as an idea, don't hit me with a racist nonsense, i'm serious. what's wrong with that idea? >> you know, get a thesaurus and call it patriotism. you don't have to use the word nationalism, which has been co-opted by the far right extremist for racist purposes. there are other words. >> tucker: this is not msnbc. i want a real conversation. why is the idea wrong? why is it wrong to say i am loyal to my nation. i'm elected to run this country. >> nothing wrong with that. we want but i call it nationalist, then i have do not call it that. what is the argument you're making? i don't understand. >> it's not even about the people who don't like you. it's about the people who like it too much. the people who hear that and
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hear white nationalism. he is the president of the united states. of all the united states. he's going to be 1 on the margins and he's trying to get the white racists out to vote. that's what he's trying to do. that's what he saying it. no, we don't! i love this country, i love everyone and it appeared >> tucker: they are all racist! >> i believe in a better page for america but i don't think the president does, and that's the problem. >> tucker: chris, thank you. good to see you. a lawyer, his first campaign at in the hopes he will make himself the creepy porn president. we have the ad and we will show it to you next. plus, some of the migrants making their way north to this country are suing the administration for violating the constitutional right. what constitutional rights do they possess if they are not citizens of this country? we will find out. then the president just responded to alec baldwin's
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2:17 am
hospitalized. the fight apparently was over a parking spot. in other words, it was a fight over principal. alec baldwin was charged with assault and will appear in cold, court at a later date. he responded this way. speak up mr. president, alec baldwin was just arrested for punching someone. any election to his arrest? >> who was arrested? >> alec baldwin. >> i wish him luck. [laughter] >> tucker: magnanimous, if a little wry. members of the migrant caravan are non-american, they are not even in the united states yet. that makes no difference to the left. two people in the world, current american citizens and american citizens recently haven't shown up yet. if you don't want them here immediately, then you are a monster. watch. >> the president of the united states has decided that a couple thousand scared, sick people fleeing violence are a bigger threat to the united states then i says.
2:18 am
>> i spent days with the caravan and i didn't see criminals, or, or terrorists. >> he feeds off of this violence and his supporters back him on it because they didn't get the wall so they might be able to stop an imaginary caravan. >> tucker: people have gone so much dumber in the last few years it's unbelievable. it shouldn't surprise us in the face of programming like that, a dozen honduran migrants have sued the administration for supposedly violating their constitutional right, even the ones they have not yet reached the border yet, and of course in citizens. mike, thank you for coming on appear to speak i think you for having made. >> tucker: of course. a sincere question, i really am glad that you are here. it's hard to see with the standing is here. these are people who are not american citizens, not on american soil, and some of them have declared intent to violate american law. how would the constitution
2:19 am
rights of the country they are not a part of being violated exactly? >> the main plaintiff in this lawsuit, each of the individuals in the class are individuals who want to seek asylum and do so legally. that's an important part of this conversation. but tucker, it's a good question. we have an immigration law, it's a series of immigration laws, and one of those elements is asylum. those laws are specific to the individuals in this caravan who are coming to claim asylum. that alone may not be enough but the president of the united states has taken to making this caravan a symbol of an invasion of our country, and he has taken a great deal of time to defame the individuals who are traveling, flinging bloodshed in their home country, trying to find a place where they can live and support their families. >> tucker: i get it, i
2:20 am
understand you don't like that and you are on their site, you don't like trump, fine. but how does that mean that they have a constitutional right that is being violated? where is that right? where in the constitution does it reside? as a normal american, and confused. can you help me? >> absolutely. it's a right to due process. these individuals are coming to the country. they have in one way or another stated their intent to come to the country, and the chief executive of this country has taken aim and attacked them. what i'm saying is there standing is very simple, they are asylum-seekers, they want clarification. i think we should respect these migrants. >> tucker: hold on peer to stop. this is a legal question. i get it. you are on the side of the migrants. that's you are right. i just want to know where my responsibility begins as an american citizen. you are saying they have a constitutional right to due process but they are not americans and they are not on u.s. soil, they are hundreds of miles from the united states. they're not here, so in what sense are they covered by our
2:21 am
due process protection? this is insane and you know it's insane. i just want you to admit that it's insane. >> it's not insane, tucker. they are claiming rights under our constitutional statute that affords them due process rights under that law. they have due process under the law. this is a law that is specifically directed to them here to so of course they have due process. >> tucker: let me correct you. they do not possess those rights if they are in another country and not u.s. citizens. if they possess those rights, then, i don't know, the entire country of nigeria -- pick a country that is poor than the united states. they say we want to come, president says you can't come and all of a sudden eight and half million people say their rights are being violated -- >> with all due respect, that's not what we are talking about. we're talking about individual migrants coming together on their way to the border to exercise their rights under u.s. law under due process -- >> tucker: hold on. because it's of you?
2:22 am
what's the principal if you are a foreigner residing in a foreign country -- i don't know if they are en route or not. >> if the entire nation of nigeria were en route to the united states, perhaps it would be apples to apples. but that's what you said. immigrants coming to this country to seek asylum here >> tucker: first of all, you don't know that. you don't know what their intent is. actually, you don't. they are hundreds of miles away, and asylum claims have to be made on u.s. soil. either at an embassy, consulate, or at the border. that's a law, as someone who purportedly defends the law, i know you know. you can't actually claim that you are covered by the u.s. constitution. you are not on u.s. soil and you are not a u.s. citizen. >> fortunately. i hear your argument, but the courts don't agree with you. there is a court case in the d.c. circuit that is in the matter of rl johnson where a
2:23 am
judge said that the administration can't use deterrence to curb asylum-seekers who are coming to this country. i'm afraid that this is an area of law that has already been litigated. >> tucker: no, you are incorrect. >> no, i'm not. >> tucker: the united states supreme court has never said that due process protection applies to noncitizens on foreign soil. that has never happened. >> the district of columbia federal court has, that's where this case is. one day, it will get to the supreme court. >> tucker: here's what's important. the rest of us know -- by this standard, anyone in any country who says he is on his way to the united states and is walking in our direction can sue the united states for saying we don't want you? you really want to set that precedent? >> do i want to set the precedent? if the president of the united states endangers abusive
2:24 am
violent rhetoric toward the group of people -- with all due respect. i lost you because i'm calling the president -- this president is behaving badly and you know it. >> tucker: you don't like the president, so what? >> it's not a matter of not liking the president. i don't like the president threatening to -- do you honestly believe -- do you think that's okay cosmic >> tucker: i'm not going to give you more air time. do i think it's okay? i want to talk about adult things like what the constitution guarantees foreigners? okay. thank you. in a final bid for votes, endangered democratic senators are running away from their own party. is that working? plus, the president rallies in indiana tonight. we are watching that event for any news that might break, and we will bring it to you if it does. >> get the hill out of our country!
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not in this house. 'cause that's no so-so family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired mozzarella and parmesan for pizzahyeah! kraft. family greatly. >> tucker: the midterm elections, fewer than 100 hours from now and in some states, embattled democrats are trying to win by attacking their own party. or that's clever. in some races, they are
2:29 am
admitting the democrats grossly mishandled days before nomination. lisa boothe joins us to take a look at the candidates and what they are saying. good to see you. i agree with the candidates who are attacking the democratic party as extreme because it is, but first, who are they, and second, will it work? >> it is pretty interesting. it's working in the sense that these races are really tight and states that president trump won in double digits, but it's an interesting tactic because it's not just republicans throwing the democratic party under the bus, it's also democrats. listen to an ad from democrat claire mccaskill. >> clair is not afraid to stand up against her own party and she is not one of those crazy democrats, she works right in the middle and find compromise. speak it right, so claire mccaskill has been running this ad is saying she's not onet it turns out, tucker, that she actually voted with two of those
2:30 am
crazy democrats, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders 60% of the time. she's not the only one doing this. joe donnelly in indiana is also saying he's not one of those socialist democrats, one of those radical democrats that want government run health care or want to abolish i.c.e. you've also got jon tester in montana who says the democratic party botched the kavanaugh supreme court confirmation, which is something we all know but apparently he just snapped the party on that. it's interesting to see with the democrats. there is another interesting story about joe donnelly. remember last night when we talked about north dakota and how the democrat party in north dakota, how they were trying to discourage voters from voting this election cycle. joe donnelly and indiana are doing something similar where they are trying to boost the prospect of a libertarian candidate in a race. they are running phase back ad saying she is the true conservae in the race against mike brown. they're trying to help
2:31 am
joe donnelly in the race. they also sent out a mailer last week basically doing the same thing. a side-by-side comparison of the libertarian candidate and mike brown, but the problem is, this is all coming from the democratic party of indiana. it's very disingenuous, a very dirty tricks of what is there should be on the lookout. it's not the only thing that is really raising eyebrows lately. if that's surprising, tucker, i'm sure. >> tucker: i always thought the majority of libertarian candidates were funded by democrats. >> if you don't know, now you know. that's how that works. there's also this guy sean kasten who is running for congress in illinois six congressional district. that is a seat currently held by republican peter roskam. he is raising some eyebrows for this comment. take a listen. >> i'm over, i don't know, hyperbolic on this. trump and usama bin laden have a tremendous amount in common. you have one political party in
2:32 am
the country, which shall remain nameless, that has a vested interest in uneducated voters. >> sure. >> fox news exists to make people stupid. speak out right, i don't like those comments because i work at fox news, but he's essentially saying the republican party area bunch of idiots, and this is a republican leaning district and he sang the voters there are stupid. you also heard the comparison of president trump to usama bin laden. that was back in february. those comments got a lot of flak. he also said the leader that the leader that inspires him the most is dan savage, the sex columnist who wishes all republicans were fing dead. >> tucker: thank you for that. if the last loses its grip on power, they become more and more
2:33 am
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they were too loose. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with a range of sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. with a range of sizes for all body types, depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. >> i make a joke, i say what if you shove a drill up your bleak. then i make a joke, why that drill? mikita, go with the mikita! with the guy wrote back, he said i'm sorry, i had a tough day, i probably shouldn't have that. where did that come out of? out of nowhere, this meanness. >> tucker: that is a clip from adam carolla and dennis prager's new movie, "no safe spaces." comedy is to be the realm of liberal media, but that has changed. turn on any late night show, humor is gone, it's dead, it's
2:38 am
been replaced by suffocating propaganda and mindless, repetitive social correctness. cannot be fixed customer can a country regain a sense of humor? it sends of art, it's sense of dignity, really. we had the conversation in part two of our interview with dennis prager and adam carolla. >> what if everyone simultaneously stopped apologizing, stopped backpedaling, stopped walking back to eat when they were quoting winston churchill and then they had to apologize after quoting winston churchill or whomever, whatever. what if it all stopped on monday qwest market there would be no more business on tuesday for the people. >> exactly. if we did it and we provided a uniform front and said no, i'm not going to apologize, it was a joke, or you took at the wrong way, or i meant it, live with it, this would end immediately end immediately. >> tucker: let's do that. you think because you spent the
2:39 am
last year working on this film about this topic, is there anyone else who has done that, other than you all, who is strong, normal, and i'm sorry i'm not going to apologize? >> donald trump. and that's what drives them crazy. he just marches on, does his thing, overwhelmingly it has been good for the united states and the world. he has had some ridiculous things, even some bad things fully acknowledged. nevertheless, he does not apologize to the left. he is the ultimate nemesis of the left because he doesn't care what they say, and i have said often, i'm a religious guy, and i have said there is more fear of the left in america than fear of god. there is more fear of "the new york times" editorial page than fear of god. even if you are an atheist, you can acknowledge the truth of that. that when you bust that fear,
2:40 am
it's over. they wish that the fear will work. that's why they gather around your table and scream at you, because the previous tactic didn't work, so they keep upping it. but at a given point, it won't work and that's the hope that the american people understand s cycle taking place on the part -- not of liberals. but on leftists. in our film, alan dershowitz says as a liberal, a democrat, an american, a jew, i far more fear the left done the right. >> tucker: how long does it last question marks bigger there is a simple thing we can do, i think we are all guilty of doing it. i listen, i watch her show, i listen to your show religiously. you guys do it and i think it's unconscious and we all do it, where we say, he look, here are my thoughts on immigration and then you stop and you go, hispanics are great people, i
2:41 am
work with many hispanic people, i have no ill will in my heart towards hispanic people, then you go ahead and talk about securing the border than you do this thing where you go, a feminine issue, i married, i have daughters, i love them dearly, i don't abuse my wife ritualistically. why do we have to preface everything with explaining -- i'm not an arsonist, i'm not a. here are my views. i'm not a racist. of course you are not a racist! you're not a racist, i'm not a racist in theory. i make a few off-color jokes. my point is, we shouldn't have to preface every talking point with i'm not misogynistic, i'm not homophobic, i'm not racist. we are not! this is insane that they have talked us into having to preface every talking point with "i have nothing against homosexuals, many of my best friends are. dennis is a godfather to a homosexual couple." that being said, let me give you my thoughts on gay marriage.
2:42 am
this notion that they taught good, family people who have never brought any harm to any group, regardless of proclivities, or gender, age, race, why do we have to start every rebuttal to every argument with, i'm not homophobic and i'm not a racist, and i'm not -- and then you explain you have a wife and she is, honey, are you here by the way, this is good stuff. anyway, you are missing a lot of good stuff. the point is let's stop doing that! go right into the point! go right into your talking point. you are not homophobic, and you're not racist, and you are not xenophobic. >> tucker: i'm not, actually. >> you're not! why do we have to prove that you not job who was arguing with you and got you on your heels because you have to make sure they know you are not a racist at every turn. >> tucker: you just changed my show. from now on, gentlemen, thank you. can't wait for the movie.
2:43 am
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♪ >> tucker: the presidential campaign that nobody outside the cable news community is actually asking for has taken a step closer to reality tonight. he creepy porn lawyers 2020 campaign has produced its first political ad that will air soon on facebook and twitter. we are going to show it to you. we want to preface that with a warning: it's creepy. >> we the people. >> we the people -- >> are mad as hell hell, and we are not going to take it anymore it anymore. >> we are not going to take it
2:48 am
anymore. >> and up with the lies. >> enough with the coverups. >> enough with the bigotry. >> enough with the massage and a misogyny. >> join us. >> join us. >> our constitution says we the people, not me the president appeared to stand up, joined the fight club, use your vote as your voice on november 6th. >> tucker: every cliche ever added to a political commercial all in one. dan bongino, nra tv contributor, also author of the great book, "spygate," he joins us tonight. dan, i will just concede. we've made fun of this for a long time and then all of a sudden there's a political ad and you have to think maybe this is going to happen. >> yeah, tucker. [laughs] i'm sorry, i usually don't crack up on tv like this. i've been doing this a while now. i'm just wondering how many
2:49 am
takes -- disclosure, i've actually filmed political ads. i ran for office in the past, i will not do it again. i know how this works and there's usually multiple takes. say "fight back." say it with passion, "fight back." i'm just wondering how many takes it took michael avenatti at the end to be that creepy. was it the 25th take? no, this is really creepy now. it's "we the people, not me the president. in quote well, it's me the people, not me the creepy porn lawyer. and that may be the first political ad that raises negative money. people donated see that and then ask for their money back. that is the worst ad i have ever seen. [laughs] >> tucker: i don't think democrats like it. today, apparently beto o'rourke, robert or work -- fake name i can never remember how to pronounce it. he attacks creepy porn lawyer is
2:50 am
not representative of the democratic party. do you that's fair? >> the creepy porn lawyer is challenging don jr. to mixed martial arts matches. tucker, listen, i'm not a fan of robert franson or work. i'm a ted cruz supporter. but he's right on this one. is this really the guy you want charging ahead on the battlefield as like, the flag bearer of the democratic party? challenging don jr. to mma matches, throwing out allegations that have been widely debunked by media people. this is the future? the fact that he is even showing up to the states and gathering crowd, talker, doesn't really speak well to the democrat party right now. if this is your bench, you better work on that system because you guys are in a lot of trouble. >> tucker: you know what, i agree. i'm with beto o'rourke on that, as well. great to see you, as always. thank you. there's one thing the left stand
2:51 am
forward, it's against the patriarchy and objectifying people. they always tell us that but apparently some progressives did not get the memo and so-called "grab them by the ballot campaign" is asking women to pose naked because nothing says we are fighting objectification then women taking naked pictures of themselves. perhaps the intent is to make conservative so disgusted they give up on marcus he entirely and opt out on the sister. we are not exactly sure, so we asked allie to weigh in. she is a famous broadcaster. thanks a lot for coming on. if you are against objectifying women, is this self objectification or is it on a higher political plane? >> i don't know. what i do know is that if this is what fighting the patriarchy looks like in 2018, then i don't know, maybe third wave feminism is the best thing that has ever happened for men. this has got to be the biggest trick that has ever been played on feminist that if you stripped naked and pose for pictures you
2:52 am
are somehow advancing the female class. i'm old enough to remember when we consider to porn, in this case soft porn, objectifying for women. but that's not true anymore. now it's actually good for the cause. >> tucker: you sign up and you wind up in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition, basically. this is kind of the trajectory -- i'm not sure what i think of it, exactly. go ahead. >> this is just another example of progressives being regressive. they tell us all the time they are for female empowerment, that we have fought so hard for women to be taken seriously, and that's true, we have. women have fought hard for that. we do want to be treated seriously and treated as equals. but i don't know, in my opinion this kind of tapes a few steps back. >> tucker: some of us have always taken women seriously because we live with them. we definitely take them seriously when we love them. of course. this is the party that is for the burqa but also for this. i'm starting to think that there
2:53 am
are not any organizing principles other than rage, maybe. >> rage and attention. whatever they can do to make sure that people are looking at them, that they are, i don't know, outraged, disgusted, whatever it takes to get them out there, then i guess that's what they have to do. in this case, it was posing naked. >> tucker: attention. there is a kind of desperate, look at me quality to this. >> of course, they are against objectification. women are not pieces of meat, but they will stand there like pieces of meat to get you to both the way they want you to vote. it's all very confusing. >> tucker: is such a summation! thank you so much for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: we are going to close this whole week by showing you a remarkable cartoon, not published in the fringe publication but in this morning morning's "new york times." it tells you everything about how they see the country and how they see you. it's unbelievable really.
2:54 am
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>> tucker: i want to bring this week to a close with an editorial cartoon, someone sent
2:57 am
it to me today. i didn't believe it, i thought it must be an elaborate parody to send up the twisted priorities, but it actually ran in "the new york times." the cartoon as you can see shows president trump pointing a line of u.s. soldiers to the mexican border. one soldier says this "i enlisted to fight in the middle east, not the midterms." in other words, according to "the new york times," when you sign up for the military, it's not to protect your own country or imminent threats to its borders, it's to ship off to a country that you know nothing about that has no conceivable connection to the united states or its vital interests, and kill people for reasons no one explains to you, or, as likely, be killed by them. that tracks almost precisely with the views of our foreign policy establishment in washington which is why our foreign policy has made this country weaker and poorer and of the world more chaotic.
2:58 am
but "the new york times" sees nothing wrong with any of that. in fact if you descend you can editorial cartoon drawn attacking you. pretty unbelievable. that says it all. that's it for us tonight and for this week. we will of course be back at 8:00 p.m. on monday. where the show that's a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. midterm elections are next tuesday and we have no idea what will happen but we will bring you all the information we can about them so you can cast you are informed about. see you then. ♪
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